TLDR: Webtoons has picked up my comic. I do this full time now. More updates, yay, but the archive is moving over to their site now. I’ll post the link at midnight EST tonight, when it will officially relaunch. Thanks for all your support, you glorious motherfuckers.


Hi guys.

I held off on announcing this to you for a while, as nothing was set in stone. Now the agreement is final, so finally, hours before the big day, I can tell you all.

Not long ago, Webtoons approached me about Waffles and Pancakes becoming one of their featured comics. I accepted. This means that I am now able to create the comic full-time, and treat that as my primary career. It also means that the comic will become exclusive to Webtoons, and will live there, rather than on my own site.

Everything is still free-to-read and always will be. I’ll post a link to the new URL once it launches (midnight tonight, EST). The comic will always be free-to-read and easily accessible, and I would never let it be otherwise. But, over the course of tonight, the archive I’ve built here will be taken down.

This is a relaunch, so the old comics will be re-uploaded on Webtoon, with 8 comics at launch and then three updates per week from then on. Some of the old ones will be re-used, but drawn anew so that they’re more polished and professional.

After the first two weeks, we’re planning to have one update per week be an entirely new comic, so that even when we’re using the old archive, the previous readers will be getting new content at least once per week – the same rate as you did when I was previously active.

In the meantime, you’ll notice tonight that the archive on will gradually be taken down. They’ve allowed me to keep a few of them up, just so that the site’s not empty and there’s still a place for the original community to interact, but the vast majority of the archive will no longer be here.

I understand that this change may be a little jarring. I know it certainly is for me. It breaks my heart to dismantle the site I’ve built (even if it’s shitty since I have no idea how to do anything). But, this is a good thing. It means more updates… it means I get paid for my work. It means I am now a full-time, professional comic author and artist.

This is a dream I didn’t think I would ever achieve, and a freedom few people are lucky to get. I can have a job where I create my own content, with my own characters, and share them with the world. Thank you all so much for encouraging my stupid comics. I’m looking forward to an opportunity I didn’t think I would ever have.

Forgive me for getting a little personal, but I left college shortly before what would have been my final year for reasons related to my mental health and financial problems. Things have been very difficult since then. It looks horrible on a resume, and even the most basic of jobs nowadays look for a degree, just so that they know you undertook higher education and were competent enough to finish it successfully.

In the absence of a degree, I’ve been spending the past few years doing whatever freelance work or odd-job sort of employment I could get – dog sitting, editing, little bits of graphic design, babysitting – anything I could do to scrape by. I thought that I was fucked for life. I had no degree and no money to go back and finish school.

I have a chance now, and that chance involves doing something that I love – drawing stupid pictures and giggling about them with anyone else who might enjoy them. Thank you so much for that. It’s so easy to see someone upload their artwork, and to sneer at it – to put them down and discourage them. All of you instead encouraged me, and wanted me to succeed. You are good people, and you’ve improved my life because of it.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a potential new site of mine cropping up. I’ve had ideas recently for comics that aren’t necessarily W&P related… random stuff, autobio stuff, whatever. I happen to own the URL “” because I wanted to giggle like an idiot about owning such a stupid URL, but maybe in the future I’ll put it to good use. There’s nothing up there now, but don’t be surprised if a new comic site appears soon.


Thank you, everyone. You are and always will be the original readers – the first people to support me and my stupid comics. I hope to see you guys around the comic’s new home!