Hey guys! Let’s get this shitshow started again, shall we?


In all seriousness, I miss you and I’m sorry the updates have been unpredictable. 2017 was a weird year for me. I’ve got more time now than I did, so 2018 should be more consistent.


Vote incentive is a page from a little book I keep in my bag for brainstorming. It’s one of my favorite pages because you can clearly see the flow of ideas until I came up with one I liked, which falsely makes it seem like there’s any rhyme or reason whatsoever to how I plan things. A lot of the other pages are far less organized, often times just being lists of words I think sound funny. One of them just has “a new sport called bitchball” written on it in bold pen, and I can’t what that means or why I wrote it down.

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and have had a good start to 2018 so far!