I think I like Aiden’s term better.

Hello, everyone! Apologies for the extended absence. Those of you on Patreon already know this, but I went through a bunch of life changes recently, and needed some time to mentally adjust. Most of it happened quite suddenly, so I didn’t expect to be taking a break in advance.

I received so many kind messages during the past couple months.. messages asking if I was okay, thanking me for making the comic, expressing hope that the strips would return… Thank you all so much for that. I don’t know what to say; Your support has floored me.

Vote Incentive is a page from the sketchbook I’ve been carrying around with me. It’s a page of female faces, as I’m trying to draw faces with varied features so as to avoid “sameface syndrome.” My favorite is the one on the top middle.

Thanks for reading, and for sticking by me, everyone!