Hi guys! Vote incentive this week is a collection of doggie sketches. I wanted to get more dog-drawing practice in for Admiral Blackbeard, and also with pens to help myself commit to my lines more. They started out pretty simple, but I inevitably started getting more and more into them as time went on and adding more detail/shading.

Sorry again that the updates have been a little hectic recently. Don’t worry – I’m still motivated to do the comic, still enjoy it, and plan to be drawing it for a long time.

I think I explained briefly before, but there’s been some stuff going on in my life recently. Everything’s fine, but my life’s kind of taking a new direction now, and some decisions had to be made. I’ve had a lot to think about, and when that happens, it gives me crazy writer’s block because I can’t keep my mind on the comic I’m trying to write.

The comic’s not autobiographical, but Aiden’s issues with ADD very much mirror my own, so as he’s said in previous comics, it’s not like he CAN’T focus on things, but rather than he has no control over what his brain decides to focus on. Same with me – if I’m preoccupied with something else, it’s really tough for me to work on a task. I find comics more difficult to write than traditional stories, so if I get writer’s block, it takes me a really long time to get a comic done.

Hope all is well with you lovely darlings, and thanks for all the readership and kind feedback you’ve given me!