Hi everyone!

I borrowed the “there are two states of penis” quote from a friend of mine.

Vote incentive this week is a collection of comic-related pen sketches. I figure I should get used to drawing with conviction and try to make myself less dependent on the undo button.

Also, check out this incredible fanart by Aaron Hammerstrom! Christ he nailed their faces so perfectly…

You also might notice that there’s a new little “buy me a coffee” button with the other shitty links. A few of you who’ve been diligent about reading my posts probably know that I feel really weird about people giving me money, which is why I’ve held off on adding myself to Ko-fi for so long. I feel slightly less weird about Patreon since I can actually give incentives in return.

However, there have been a few lovely generous people messaging me asking for ways to give quick, one-time donations. I figure it’s better that I provide a way to do that than have people sign up for Patreon, wait for the charge at the end of the month, and then cancel the subscription.

Thanks very much, everyone who has offered to support the comic. It’s very kind of you and I appreciate it. So, the Buy Me a Coffee link now exists in case people prefer that to Patreon.

Thanks for reading, and hope you’re all having a good year!