Notice thing: the next update will be a day late. I’m a bit behind schedule. /Notice thing


Happy new year, motherfuckers!

Vote incentive this week is fucking stupid. Don’t look at it. When in doubt, practice ridiculous facial expressions, right?

Also, I thought that maybe I should advertise my twitter to you guys. I don’t generally use twitter a whole lot, as I tend to assume by default that no one gives a shit about my day-to-day thoughts and therefore I should not be announcing them on the internet. But, for the small handful of you who found it already, it’s been a fun way to have quick and easy conversations. So, I’m going to try to start using it more. It’d be great to have some of you beautiful people along with me.

Also, I know a shit ton of dogs. So, if you like pictures of dogs, then you’ll like my twitter.

I think I know more dogs than humans. I certainly know my neighbors’ dogs better than I know my neighbors.