If you’re here checking for the Sunday, December 11 update: It’s gonna be a day late, so uploaded Monday, probably afternoon-ish. Sorry – I had two unexpected jobs this week, both during the week and over the weekend, that ate up the free time I had allotted to the comic page.


Vote incentive this week is some old sketches. Like OLD OLD OLD. Years and years. I stumbled across a sketchbook that I didn’t know I still had, and it turned out to be from around the time that these characters and this story were forming in my head.

I’m surprised by how consistent they are with the current character designs and story, though. I even had to cover up some of my handwriting to avoid spoilers. Weird how this stuff’s old enough for my handwriting not to match my current handwriting, and yet the characters still look mostly the same.

Also, some of you may have noticed, but I’m uploading much later in the day than I usually do. This is because I’m an insomniac piece of shit and my work/sleep schedule has dramatically shifted because I can’t manage my own goddamn time.

So, if you check the site around the time I usually update and the comic isn’t up yet, don’t worry – the update’s still coming. My brain’s just operating in its own weird timezone right now.