TLDR: Thanks for reading and for being cool, everyone. Also there are books and some weird shit happens in them.


Hi guys!

Today/yesterday depending on your timezone was November 18th, which is the anniversary of the day I started uploading my dumbass drawings to the internet. So, here’s the Q&A I promised – uploaded kinda late because I’m a procrastinating piece of shit.

Apologies if I didn’t get to your question – maybe if I get time, I’ll do another one of these to get through more of them.

If I may get sappy on you glorious bastards for a moment, I want to thank you. Like, seriously, sincerely, thank you. One of my life dreams since I was little has been to have an audience with whom I can share my stories and characters. You guys – your support, your comments, your readership – have given me that. You have literally made my dreams come true, and that means everything to me. I’ve loved talking with you all, reading your comments, and hearing from you that I’ve been able to make you laugh.

Working on this comic, and knowing that in doing so I’m not just shouting into an empty void, has given my life direction that I was sorely missing for a long time.


I also wanted to address something, and I’m a little nervous to do so, but I figure now is a good time to get it over with.

A few of you, those who tend to read through comments on the various sites I use, know that these characters come from a book I’m in the process of revising. I never expected the comics to become a thing – I just doodled them on a whim to try out my tablet, and uploaded them without thinking that anything would come of it.

I’ve had a handful of people ask me when the book is coming out, how they can get a copy, etc., and I appreciate that so much. But, I want to explain something so that there are no false pretenses:

The comics are very much a comedy/slice-of-life kind of deal, but the book is not. There is a fantasy element to it. I’m scared to tell you guys that because I know that not everyone is down for it, and that it’s unexpected given how much the comic is grounded in ordinary day-to-day college life. I also had writing professors who openly discouraged fantasy writing in favor of realistic fiction, and I know that they would judge me for this.

I probably should have cleared this up earlier, but I didn’t quite know how to approach it. There are, actually, some dropped hints throughout the comics, that a few people may have noticed.

Some of you are probably like “oh cool, I like fantasy stuff,” but others are probably like “noooooo that ruins it!” I will say this – there is plenty of silliness in the books, and plenty of storytelling that’s similar to the comics. After all, Aiden is still Aiden, Kaia is still Kaia, and I am still the same author, with the same narrative style.

But, the book was not designed to tell a series of jokes, or to tell the same story that the comics do (though Aiden and Kaia’s relationship and development are still at the core of the novel). I wrote the book wanting to write a new take on a superhero story. I hope there are people among you who would be excited for that, but I know some of you will not be.

Feel free to voice your opinions about it – it would help me to understand how much my marketing for the book will be intertwined with the comic’s audience whenever I figure out how to go about publishing it. Also feel free to ask me to clarify anything. I always read through all of the comments on here, but on this one in particular I’ll be monitoring the page, ready to answer any questions.

Again, thank you all for your continued support through this exciting year. I hope for many more years of butt jokes to come.

-DT Saranya