Vote incentive (second blue button on the left) is a picture of the characters in Adventure Time style. Aiden looks adorable, I think, but Kaia doesn’t quite look right to me. Maybe I’ll try again at some point.

Just a reminder – I’ll be uploading a Q&A comic on November 18th, so if you want to ask any of the characters (or me, I guess…?) questions, feel free to drop them in the comments or message them to me on imgur/reddit/gmail/wherever.

Also, to those who pledged on Patreon, first off, thanks. Second off, I was poking around in the analytics the other day, and noticed that a lot of you aren’t actually looking at the bonus images and comics that I’ve uploaded there for you, which made me worry (maybe unnecessarily) that some people might not be aware of how to find them. If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon’s layout, you can click the “posts” tab on the page, and then you’ll see all the bonus content. I wouldn’t want you guys to pay for extra stuff and then not know how to access it! D:

Hope you’re all having a wonderful October so far.