Waffles and Pancakes is a comic about two very different people trying to figure out the answers to life’s important questions, such as what would happen if our butts had nipples and whether or not snakes would look stupid with ears. It’s silly, random, and doesn’t always follow a defined plot.

Updates are on Sundays, and sometimes Wednesdays as well, depending on how much time I have.


My name is D.T. Saranya. Let’s pretend that’s my real name.

I wear an eyepatch over my right eye while I’m drawing because of Central Serous Retinopathy, which basically means that there’s a blistery thing in my macula that distorts my vision. So, my eyes don’t agree with each other and everything looks like a shitty 3D movie.

I also tend to consume alcohol at my desk. I’m not asking you to compare me to some kind of badass comic-making eyepatch-wearing beer-drinking art pirate, but doing so might make me feel better about the fact that my right eye apparently forgot how NOT TO BE A FUCKING ASSHOLE.

Update: As of August 2016, my eye problem now affects both eyes. I’m not blind – if you tell me to draw a circle I will draw you a circle – but my vision is distorted and I have no “good eye” to rely on. This makes it hard to ensure that proportions are right, to find/correct any errors, and to have confidence in my linework. Drawing in general is kind of tough for me right now, so please be forgiving if you see mistakes. I’m sure I’ll be able to get through it, but I need some time to adjust.

Deviantart Username: DTSaranya

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Q: Is the comic based on real people?

A: All characters are fictional, but the dialogue is often inspired by dumb shit I’ve said while drunk, or by things my friends said that I found funny.

Q: Is Aiden/Kaia a self-insert?

A: No. Neither is a self-insert. Both of them do share some traits with me, though. My SO says that they are the two sides of my personality, which is true to some extent. I like to think of them as the two sides of everyone’s personality rather than just my own. But, I have drawn from my own life experiences in creating them, so they share more similarities with me than they would the average person.

Q: Are they dating?

A: No. Feel free to ship them, but I can’t promise that’ll end up being canon.

Q: What’s that mark on Aiden’s stomach?

A: It’s a scar. He had a nasty incident about a year before the comics are set.